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The Venturing Officers’ Association of the Northeastern Pennsylvania Council was created in 2010 and serves the purpose of running the Venturing program in the council. Run exclusively by youth, the meetings act as a forum for the youth officers of all the crews in the council to gather, discuss the program, plan for events, and receive training and other information to aid them in their home crews.

The VOA is responsible for running/ promoting 5 events every year which attract Venturers well outside our council and throughout the Northeast Region:

  • Venturing Week at Goose Pond Scout Reservation , a summer camp program geared towards Venturers(Nationally Accredited 6 years in a row!);
  • the Insomniacs Revenge, a weekend long event with 36 hours of program for Venturers from all over the area;
  • the Holiday Lock- In, an all night gathering of Venturers in the council during the holiday season in the spirit of fellowship;
  • Venturing Rendezvous, the area conclave held in mid May.
  • The NEPA VOA also conducts a trainings events during the year to help venturers progress in their awards.

The VOA is also responsible to providing service to the council camps. In addition to aiding with events held at the camps such as Harvest Fest, the VOA also plans and carries out service projects with the goal of providing significant improvements to the camps and the programs they run.  Some of the camp improvements are:  the Garage at the Maintenance yard, 3 small sheds at Camp Acahela, and 2 GaGa ball pits.

In addition, several Area 5 Presidents and Vice Presidents have called the NEPA VOA home (Tyler Sepcoski, Cara Sepcoski, Aaron Grier, Sarah Gromala, Chris Wells, Joshua Sepcoski, and Irene Magdon).  

So, if you are a crew officer interested in having a say in how your program is run, explore the site, send us an email, follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Don't forget to stay tuned for upcoming events!