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This year's Lock In is SuperWhoLock! SuperWhoLock is a combination of three popular fiction shows Supernatural,  Doctor Who, and Sherlock.  

Supernatural is a show about two brothers, Sam and Dean, who join in their father’s footsteps to hunt out monsters after the unfortunate and grizzly death of their mother.  After the search for their father, many years later both Sam and Dean continue to hunt monsters under their motto, “Saving People, Hunting Things, the family business.”

Doctor who, like Supernatural, is a fictional show about a man called The Doctor, from the Planet Gallifrey, that seeks out planets in need of saving.  His regeneration power keeps him alive but changes his appearance every couple hundred years.  His companions usually meet an untimely demise but he still likes to pick up a couple stragglers here and there.

Sherlock, is one of more realistic of the three shows.  It takes place in modern day London with self deemed, “high functioning sociopath”, Sherlock Holmes and war veteran, Doctor John Watson. Sherlock having a high functioning mind seems to live in his even more clever brother Mycroft Holmes, shadow.  He solves crimes with his partner, John Watson, and runs into a repetitive criminally insane mastermind, James Moriaty. 

The Venturing Lock In is the closing event of the year, where many crews and scouts gather at the Queen of Apostles, to take part in a night of themed events such as Save The Hex Bags, for Supernatural, where 2 teams search for their teams small brown bags hidden within the room and whichever teams gathers all their back first wins for their team. With Gallifreyan Translation,  for Doctor Who, where a series of symbols in Gallifreyan are placed as hints and scouts have to decode the secret message first! And then some Live Action Clue for Sherlock,  where it is like playing clue but with you as the characters and the room as the board! 

The Venturing Lock In is a welcoming place to enjoy the ending of the venturing year and as well enjoy many exciting events. The Lock In is $15 by December 30th and $20 at the door.  Everyone is asked to bring a snack and appropriate scout sleep wear.  A sleeping bat and mat is the best choice to bring for sleeping on the concrete floor. Scout Appropriate Clothing is required (no short-shorts, muscles tops, yoga pants, etc.)  The best dressed as a character from either show will be rewarded!  

Register On-Line Here or send all completed registration form and money to the NEPA Council at 72 Montage Mountain Road, Moosic PA 18507.

The Lock In commences promptly at 9:00 pm with registration and ice breakers. We encourage that you bring a non-Scouting friend, and if you do your name will be entered into a drawing for a $25 Scout Shop gift card. The Lock In is open to all Venturers and Boy/Girl Scouts age 14 and older. Please  For more information,contact  We hope to see you and your crew there for a great night!

Download and print our Lock-in Flier

Registration link