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My name is Cara Sepcoski and I am Northeast Region Program Advisor, NER Area 5 Communications Advisor, and NEPA VOA Communications Advisor. I am from Northeastern Pennsylvania Council and I have been in Venturing for seven years now. Prior to being in venturing, I was part of my Girl Scout Troop here in NEPA. If you count from the time I was a brownie scout, I have over 13 years in scouting experience. Within that time, I have earned both the Girl Scout Silver and Gold Awards. I have also earned the Venturing Bronze, Venturing Gold, Ranger and Council Venturing Leadership Awards. I am currently aGraduate Student at College at Misericordia University in Dallas PA, Majoring in Speech Language Pathology.
There is so much that I want to do this year with Venturing in Area 5. I believe in a program that gives opportunity and experience in new and exciting ways. Simply put, I feel as if Venturing has given me just that. This year, our focus is on awareness, membership and increased opportunity to scouters and non scouters alike. My ultimate goal is for them to get even more out of Venturing than I have, by helping Venturing reach the next level.
We are in for a wild ride this year; I hope you will join us!