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The Northeastern Pennsylvania Council VOA has created a new scholarship called the Michael Lolli Annual Memorial Scholarship, and is open to any Venturer.   This scholarship is due by April 15th. Somethings that you are asked in this scholarship include your leadership roles in scouting, your awards or honors received in scouting, your public service and community activities, and the three most significant items you have done in preparation for your career.  The requirements for this scholarship are: volunteer for VOA events and activities for a minimum of 25hr in the past 12 months, try three new vocational activities in the past 12 months. Minimum of 3 hrs per activity.  (eg learning to weld, robotics, plumbing), Try three shooting sports in the past 12 months.  Minimum 2 hrs per activity. List activity and verified times.  This must be at a Scout camp or from a NRA instructor. Another requirement is to write an 800-word essay about “being a role model and tell about a role model in your life and how they inspired you”.

If you want more information, or want form to fill this scholarship out, you can email your application and essay to the VOA at