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In case something about Venturing crosses your desk,computer screen, smart phone, etc., one of the firm rules about Venturing-speak is that the name of the program is Venturing.  Therefore, a crew is a Venturing Crew, not a Venture or Venturer crew. 

Onto the definitions:

Venturer—a registered youth member of a BSA Venturing crew. The word "Venturer" should be used only as a noun referring to a youth member. Use "Venturing" when a modifier is needed. The forms: "One Venturer built a kayak." "One member of the Venturing crew built a kayak." 

Advisors -- and other leaders are Venturing Advisors and such, not Venture or Venturer leaders.  Venturing leaders take Venturing training, not Venture or Venturer training. 

Venturing—the young adult program of the Boy Scouts of America for men and women 13 (who have completed the eighth grade) or 14 through 20 years of age.  

Venturing" is both a noun and a modifier. The forms:

  • "Venturing is a program for young adults."
  • "Young women and men take part in Venturing activities."
  • "Good Venturing Advisors are crucial to successful Venturing crews."