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A letter from the President Select
"I need YOU to be the next VP"
I will try to fulfil the duties and obligations of the position of Northeaster Pennsylvania Council Venturing President to the best of my abilities.  I will strive to be a good servant leader. With diverse and capable vice presidents from around our council, we will form a team that will make the 2017-2018 term the best ever.  

We will do this through clear streams of communication, bi-monthly VOA Meetings ar teh SSTC, a bi-monthly newsletter, a new and expanded resource section on our website containing PSA's and customizable fliers, by asking each crew to share their best practices, and adding training videos for the new awards available to all councils and crews.   
I would like to invite all Northeastern Pennsylvania Council Venturing youth to apply for a vice president position. Send your application by June 4th telling what position you would prefer and why you believe you would be a good officer.  I am hoping to have a committee member per vice president.  So, the more applicants the better!
In addition, please send a list and any electronic information you may have on any venturing activity in your crews from now until June 30th of 2017 to    We are accepting articles about Venturing activities for out upcoming  newsletter.
Yours in Scouting,

Joshua Sepcoski